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From The Afterglow

Verses, Tales, and Thoughts: A Literary Odyssey

By Varsha Panikar

Words That We Never Say

It’s the things that we never say that truly get in the way. Those unspoken truths could serve as little proofs that someone’s existence had meaning and that the light they shine is still glowing somewhere in our hearts, but our lips stay locked in a tight seal, so they’ll never know how we truly feel; and so days go by and nights are never-ending. We continue to rely upon our broken pieces to help our hearts mend, looking at pictures tainted with all the actions; and the memories… the memories… memories tend to lie. Yet, we keep trying to find truth in all that is unsaid. Fragmented reflections display confusion inside the head! Searching deep for clarity in what’s unheard and all that’s dead! Desperate to draw conclusions that set the soul free from relentless dread, because words unsaid reveal a lot and they can lie. We create what we need to in order to get by. But what when life turns for worse and quickly goes? Suddenly everything can change to what you feared and never imagined you’d have to know.

We beat ourselves up, begging for that one little moment to say, “I love you”, "I miss you", "I'm sorry", one last time, to make sure they know it, but when that moment stares us right in our faces, we stay silent once again, and nothing ever changes the way we feel. So how do you ever fix a heart that has been broken from the crushing weight of words that were never spoken? Because words can cut deep and leave scars for life, unlike the chance of recovery from the damage of a knife. They can lift a heavy heart or brighten a dark day. They can heal and inspire with the meaning they convey. There’s power in words and strong power in silence. Both tend to torture when they leave their mark inside us. And still, it’s easy to forget that words that we never hear or say are sometimes, truly the ones that get in the way.

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