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  • Panel Discussion - LGBTQIA++ representation in the India Entertainment Industry - Faraz Arif Ansari, Tathagatha Ghosh, Varsha Panikar, Kalki Subramaniam - #PrideLiveFest.

  • Interview + Q&A - Launch of Brown Bodies Zine, Varsha Panikar, Mathushaa Sagthidas, Habiba, Dr. Fatima Rajina on their pieces exploring queerness, capturing brown bodies, South Asian history, and colourism. - The Right's Collective.

  • Film Analysis & Panel Discussion - 'The Portrait of a Lady on Fire' with Varsha Panikar, Asawari Jagushte, Avijit Mukul Kishore, and -The White Rose Club & Glass Eye Gargi.

  • Screening + Panel - Screening of #FivefilmsofFreedom - Varsha Panikar, Saad Nawab, Asawari Jagushte, Doel Rakshit, Bonita Rajpurohit, Omkar Sharma, Bonita Rajpurohi - Harkat.

  • Interview & Q&A - Maithilee discussing multi-media art, queer activism, importance of representation, and platforms like #FiveFilmsForFreedom with Varsha Panikar - Nazariya QFRG.

  • Screening +  Q&A - Art showcase by queer desi/BIPOC - Queer Art Exchange 2.0 Canada.

  • Interview - British Council Art & British Film Institute - In conversation with Saad Nawab & Varsha Panikar.

  • Interview + Q&A - Discuss queer representation in Indian Cinema, the challenging gaze itself & how they are shaping the future of film making - With Almass Badat, Varsha Panikar, Asawari Jagushte, Saad Nawab - Hungama London.

  • Panel Discussion on visibility of LGBTQIA+ folks in creative mass media platforms with Varsha Panikar, Asawari Jagushte and Anish Gawande conducted by . - Transistance



  • Interview & Q&A - Passing Bi - Suryatapa and Navdeep talk to non-binary filmmaker Varsha Panikar about their short film Bodies of Desire as part of British Council's #FiveFilmsforFreedom - BI Collective Delhi

  • Interview - Pride & Prejudice - Suryatapa Mukherjee interviews Varsha Panikar & Asawari Jagushte on starting their own Production company - what it’s like for queer-trans people behind the camera in the industry and how marginalised artists can create opportunities for themselves. - Suno India

Published, Curated

  • Bi All Means - Issue 2 featuring excerpts and artwork from Bodies Of Desire by Varsha Panikar, August 2022

  • Wicked Gay Ways - Spring/Summer 2022 issue featuring Eternally Entwined, a memoire from Bodies Of Desire by Varsha Panikar.

  • Nerve Zine(UK) - 5th Edition, centered around the theme of 'self'. Featuring a piece from Varsha Panikar's series, titled Origami Folds on Pg 42.

  • A photo-poetry zine from Varsha's anthology, At The End Of The Line. Exhibited first at Satrangi Mela, Pune in Nov'2021.

  • Raza - 1st Edition of queer antholgy by One Future Collective(India) , featuring a piece from Varsha Panikar's series, titled Origami Folds on Pg 44.

  • Brown Bodies - 6th issue of The Rights Collective's zine titled (UK), exploring Brown Bodies in their multitudes. Featuring some new works from Varsha Panikar's series, titled Origami Folds on Pg 43.

  •  LINES- The 4th issue of Marketplace(India), featuring Everywhere I go I See Lines, a visual-art piece by Varsha Panikar on Pg 43,44.

  • My Body Is A Pridon - A zine by Varsha Panikar from their ongoing mixed-media series, Origami Folds, is availble on AmazonKindle.

  • My Body Is A Prison (zine) has been curated by Zine Club Chicago (U.S), State University Of New York's Sojourner Truth Library (U.S), Queer Zine Library (UK), and Grrrl Zine (UK).

  • 'The Diary Of Alex Nobody' is a fan-fiction series told from the point of view of a newly imagined queer character living in the totalitarian world of Orwell's dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. The zine been curated by Zine Club Chicago (U.S) and Queer Zine Library (UK).

  • SKIN - The 3rd issue of Marketplace(India), exploring the relationship and perceptions one has to and of skin; the meanings, memories, dreams and epiphanies that arise from analysing our relationship to it, both intrinsically and metaphorically. Featuring some excerpts of Origami Folds by Varsha Panikar on Pg 22.

  • The Dreamer Issue - Local Colour Zines's issue exploring dreams. Featuring Daydream from their series, 'Dream Diary'.

  • 'Whisperings To My Shadows' - a zine By Varsha Panikar. First showcased at Queer Future Archive Installation - March 2020. An Afterpartycollective Installation showcased at Riverside Theatres, Western Sydney, supported by Parra Artist Studio.

  • Come, Sing along! by Varsha featured in the Zine - ‘Resilience’, by the Rights Collective(UK), together with guest editors South Asian Sisters Speak (SASS), featuring brown womxn of south Asian descent. Pg 51

  • Published in Love Portions, in the February 2020 issue of Rogue by Ratio Auream Publishers under the publication One Point Six One Eight Imprint. Available on Amazon & Kindle.

  • Audio-Story released first on Lonely Hearts Club. Put your headphones on, get comfortable, and get ready to descent into the tantalising world of Alex&Julia from the fan fiction series The Diary Of Alex Nobody, by Varsha.

Exhibits, Spoken Word

  • Satrangi Mela (Queer Fest) - November 2021. Curated by The Gay Gaze Bombay.

  • The Devil &  The Deep Blue Sea - December 2020. Original poetry and writings, performed by Varsha Panikar alongside a screening of their film, Bodies Of Desire. Other performances included works by Kim Kaul, Asawari Jagushte, Doel Rakshit and Gurleen Kaur.

  • Queer Future Archive Installation - March 2020. An Afterpartycollective Installation showcased at Riverside Theatres, Western Sydney, supported by Parra Artist Studio.

  • Fridakahling - January 2020. A pop-up art exhibition cum sale related to realities and resistance, in an effort, to start conversations around resistance by marginalized genders through art.  Artist on show - Varsha Panikar, Vaishali Soni, Aishwarya Nabh, Subha, Alisha Huang, Boomranng Studio at Anat & Veda Live

  • Queerotica - December 2019. A Words Unboxed: Poetry Open Mic. Featured poets - Varsha Panikar, Alizeh, and Anagha, alongside pop-up art exhibition from their series, Bodies Of Desire at Anat & Veda Live.

  • Make A Diff - 2020. An online exhibit and sale to provide grocery/medicine kits for those in need. The exhibition included Varsha and their mother, Geeta K.U's work.

  • Varsha has performed spoken word at various offline and online events.


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