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Origami Folds

'Origami Folds' is an ongoing and evolving exploration that employs dreams, memories, archive and interviews juxtaposed with the curves and folds of human body, and uses it as a medium and metaphor for hopeless fragility and hardened impenetrability, from which emerges the themes of identity, dysphoria, commodification of the body, and denial and loss of autonomy as conditions of globalized society and cultures, through the lens of south-Asian, queer and marginalized bodies; and by allowing these identities that are forever under critical scrutiny, objectification and dehumanizing policing from external and internal perspectives to appear on their own terms, thereby giving them back their agency. Stuck within this stifling framework of zeroes (0) and ones (1), the skin has separated from the body, both physically and metaphorically in the separation between skin and psyche. Skin here, also represents time and wraps us up like cellophane wraps hard candy.

My latest zine, My Body Is A Prison, from the same series is available on Amazon Kindle and has been curated by Zine Club Chicago, New Paltz NYC Sojourner Truth Library and Grrrl Zine Fair. Excerpts from the same series have also appeared in Marketplace Zine - 'Skin' by Forbidden Verses; and the 6th edition of Zine by The Rights Collective and South Asian Sisters Speak (SASS), titled 'Brown Bodies'.​

Currently seeking funds and collaborator (photographer,illustrator,writer,performance artist for the project. In the future, the project would like to put up a physical installation of the stories and interviews that are collected. Since the project primarily revolves around queer south-Asian stories, we are only looking for people from within the south-Asian LGBTQIA++ community to collaborate with. Get in touch, if the project piques your interest.