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From The Afterglow

Verses, Tales, Thoughts

By Varsha Panikar

Origami Folds

Origami Folds is an ongoing series that aim at exploring the curves and folds of the human body (self and others) and use it as a medium and metaphor for hopeless frailty and hardened impenetrability, from which emerges the themes of identity, dysphoria, the commodification of the body, and denial and loss of autonomy as conditions of globalized society and cultures. Within this stifling framework, the skin has separated from the body, both physically in the act of medical dissection and alterations in an effort to meet popular standards of beauty, and metaphorically in the separation between skin and psyche. The skin here also represents time and wraps us up like cellophane wraps hard candy. Excerpts from the series have been published in Skin, a zine by Forbidden Verses and Brown Bodies, a zine by The Rights Collective in 2021.


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