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from the afterglow

verses, tales & thoughts by Mx. Varsha

Giving Up The Ghost

From my series, Whispers To My Shadows.

You ever wish

That you could just rewind?

Go back in time,

And just turn out fine?

Well, I do,

I know that the chances are slim,

That we may not live it again,

But at least, we can imagine.

But when we aren't imagining,

We can't let it flash past again.

We’ve got to use our noses,

And smell the roses,

Take time to live it up.

And win it up,

And while you're at it, hell!

Even sin it up!

So here I am

Wishing and dreaming,

I could live it again.

As I lay here in my bed,

With the same old story in my head.

What could have been?

What would have been?

Or even what should have been?

A ghost,

A shadow,

A memory.

Not quite there,

Not quite clear,

Not quite worth the time.

So for my sake and yours

I think I’ll be finally giving up the ghost,

Because my body was nothing but another host,

I don’t wanna forget the past,

But I’d like to leave it behind.

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