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From The Afterglow

Verses, Tales, Thoughts

By Varsha Panikar

Kiss me once more

First published in Love Portions, in the February 2020 issue of Rogue - The Zine by Ratio Auream Publishers under the publications One Point Six One Eight Imprint. Available on Amazon&Kindle.

Kiss me once more,

Steal me a shadow,

Turn out the lights;

And take me away.

No time to mourn,

Terror, be gone!

Laughing and crying,

So kiss me once more.

Tell me I am crazy,

Staring at the sky all day.

Spin me a story

So instead, I may touch yesterday.

Perhaps, I see too clearly,

Living in memory,

So turn off the lights

And take me away.

Varsha Panikar

From sketch-poetry series, “Bodies Of Desire

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