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from the afterglow

verses, tales & thoughts by Mx. Varsha

Forest Dreams

A gothic and mystical graphic novel about the journey of a young girl into a magical and ancient forest, inspired by fables, folklore, fairy-tales, myths, and dreams. Seeking writers, graphic designers and visual artists to collaborate on the book. An ongoing poetry series. Here is a preview.

She goes into the forest

forest of dread and sorrow

sorrow all around

around her animals hurry

hurry in all directions

directions that are blocked

blocked with vines and branches

branches sticking out out of many trees trees that are endlessly tall

tall yet, rising higher

higher till the sky is gone

gone from my view view that is closing

closing the deeper she goes

she goes into the forest


Forest, thy shadow thy door where in sorrow sadly rot

amongst the things we know no more

with winds of silent thought


The trees alone were exquisite they tangled so divine sadly though, she could barely fit when she tried to squeeze through the vines


She could hear the silent shrieks of fear, deep within the forest.


Nowhere to go but deep within her forest

curled up in a deep dark tree

hidden within the strangling branches

she hides from the monster afraid, shaking trembling with fear!

the encroaching noises are not around her they are inside of her no longer contained

burning within her twisted forest

her dark wicked twisted forest


The trees replied, “night will be the hour the forest will speak.


The ground did warn us “the underworld howls through the cracks of earth” they said


She continues to run her brown tangled hair flies as she sprints as she pushes through the pain that it takes to run away to safety

she roams through the forest of darkness

where evil does lie step after step

memories of this place

hover atop my mind

where young souls have died

my young soul has cried


She sits by the path of crossroads

with her head in her hand eyes half closed she can feel It look right through her

in despair and pain

she’d like to be left alone

right now


She notices the trees creek as they released their brown leaves to the wind.

a petal drift through the air into her tear soaked hand and screams,

"Forget me not!”


It felt like dreams shattering

like glass on the forest floor

she felt a presence the wind fell silent and an ominous air filled this place


As she was forced to depart

she nearly distinguished

from the shadowy depths

a smile


The shadows.... she doesn’t let them close

for the fear they might break her but still they collect her

and to the heartbreak take her

They found her unconscious

severely wounded a few broken ribs she was rapidly bleeding out

when they rescued her

The shadows

they embrace her they don’t surround her

deep in the forest

right where they found her

Moving on the battlefield the shadows they stand beside her Fighting so they can tame the madness inside her


But a last whisper met her ears

“i am so sorry, my dear you must awaken.” she opens her eyes a blink from oblivion pulling the breath from her lungs

thinks “that emptiness beyond the facade is this what awaits me?”


She runs up the empty foothills

faster than sound like she’s left her body

soul speeding wind howling she runs lugging her stripped wing

of its clouded feathers


Her pain is like a comfort

a blanket over her skin


So she wandered deeper into the forest

to the big rocky mountain.

eventually she came to rest by the cascading fountain. in it’s clear and crystal waters

she saw an angel looking back at her. with a rainbow row of flowers

placed within her silver hair.

it glimmered like the moon on a starless night.

but as she turned around

the angel was gone she was nowhere to be found

somewhere.... trees were falling down but they never made a sound


Peering at her own

young corpse as it rots besides

these trees these sneaky bumble bees view the evil that’s done out there

where some never make it out

that wretched place

her footsteps get faster

pounding the floor like plaster

though she hardly remember

why she came here at all

maybe to just mourn for her life’s so torn apart

her sweet loving self did die and still

somehow she sees light

so glorious so bright!


Fear of the sorrowful forest

finally overthrown she felt a presence



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