• Live Panel Discussion | Taking #PrideBeyondTheMonth | 14 July 2021 | How can brands become better allies to queer people and be truly inclusive, even after Pride month? | Varsha Panikar, Suruj Rajakhova, and Oishorjyo will share their thoughts in this candid panel discussion, hosted by Doel Rakshit from Brand Movers India on Instagram Live. Watch the discussion HERE.

  • Q&A Eros Tantra & Embodiment Festival | Redifining Culture & Erotica | 12 June 2021 | A talk about Varsha's experience as a non-binary QPOC person, experience with collaborating and making erotica, and how this redefines, reclaims and represents an ever-changing erotica culture, especially in India, where sexuality, sex, and desire is still looked at with shame to a great extent. Watch the interview HERE.


  • Panel Discussion | LGBTQIA++ representation in the India Entertainment Industry | 18 June 2021| A discussion with Faraz Arif Ansari- Director of Sisak, Sheer Qorma; Tathagatha Ghosh, Film Director, Varsha Panikar, Writer and Filmmaker and Kalki Subramaniam, Founder of Sahodari Foundation on the portrayal of the LGBTQIA++ community in the Indian Entertainment Industry at #PrideLiveFest.

  • Interview + Q&A - Live | The Right's Collective Launch | 22 April 2021 | For the launch of Brown Bodies Zine, project lead, Habiba chats with Mathushaa Sagthidas, Varsha Panikar, South Asian Book Club and Dr. Fatima Rajina of Nijjormanush on their pieces exploring queerness, capturing brown bodies, South Asian history, and colourism. Watch the whole discussion HERE!

  • Film Analysis & Panel Discussion | 11 April 2021 | The White Rose Club in collaboration with Glass Eye Gargi hosted a film analysis of 'The Portrait of a Lady on Fire' with Asawari Jagushte, Avijit Mukul Kishore, and Varsha Panikar.

  • Screening + Q&A | Harkat Studio | 27 March 2021 | Screening of #FivefilmsofFreedom followed by a panel discussion with the team behind Bodies Of Desire along with Bonita Rajpurohit. Panel Members included Varsha Panikar, Saad Nawab, Asawari Jagushte, Doel Rakshit, Bonita Rajpurohit, Omkar Sharma.

  • Interview & Q&A | BI Collective Delhi | 11 April 2021 | In their first episode, Suryatapa and Navdeep from the Bi Collective Delhi talk to non-binary filmmaker Varsha Panikar about their short film Bodies of Desire as part of British Council's #FiveFilmsforFreedom, an annual program featuring five LGBTQI interest films curated by BFI Flare. Listen to the podcast HERE.

  • Interview & Q&A | NAZARIYA QFRG | 26 March 2021 | In conversation with Maithilee from Nazariya QFRG regarding their film Bodies Of Desire. Discussed multi-media art, queer activism, importance of representation, and platforms like #FiveFilmsForFreedom. WATCH the interview HERE.

  • Screening | Queer Art Exchange 2.0 | February 2021 | A 2 hour art showcase, hosted and organised by Nhylar featuring music, visual art, spoken word, performance art etc. by queer desi/BIPOC artists, along with breakout room sessions we like to call "Energy Exchange Circles" in-between performances to connect art lovers with artists and one another.

  • Interview | British Council Art & British Film Institute | February 2021 | Five Films For Freedom 2021: In conversation with Saad Nawab & Varsha Panikar. Directors Saad Nawab & Varsha Panikar tell us about their film 'Body of Desire', a sensual visual poem celebrating gender-less love and desire. WATCH the interview HERE.

  • Interview + Q&A | HUNGAMA | February 2020 | In conversation with Almass Badat on Hungama London to discuss queer representation in Indian Cinema, the challenging gaze itself & how they are shaping the future of film making with Bodies of Desire, the visual-poetry film out now on Nowness Asia. WATCH the interview HERE.

  • Featured | Astitva Productions | Art and Activism in Indian Trans + Non-Binary Communities.